We recommend that all patients arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.
Our practice works continuously with insurance providers to accommodate as many patients as possible. Due to the complexity of these agreements, please contact our office prior to your appointment to verify coverage for your plan or check with your insurance provider.
A list of your medications including dose and frequency as well as all insurance cards and name and phone number of your primary care physician.
Please check our Office Info page for the directions to our locations.
Call the pharmacy several days before you need the refill and they will contact us. Be prepared to give all the necessary information about the drug and dosage.
Call the office and alert us of your problem, and someone will tell you what you should do. However, if the problem worsens, do not wait for an office visit, go to the emergency room.
If you think you are having a severe allergic reaction to a medication stop it immediately and call our office. If you or another doctor has stopped one of your prescribed medications call and let us know.
Coumadin is a powerful blood thinner. If you do not follow a specific diet your level may be affected. If you start an antibiotic, use alcohol or take higher doses of tylenol your coumadin level may be affected and you should contact our office. Remember it is your responsibility to contact our office if you have not heard from the nurse regarding your coumadin.
As we are a busy office and cannot keep track of all testing, if you do not hear from us within one week of any lab or test, then please call our nurses at 828-324-4804 to make sure we go over everything with you. Patients should contact the office in which labs or tests were completed.